Selling Your Car? Hire A Car Detailing Service First

Posted on: 16 August 2022

If you are selling your car you need to make sure it is clean for potential buyers. It can be difficult to get a car completely clean especially if you have been driving it for a long time. One thing you can do to help is hire a car detailing service. Below is information on what they do when they detail a car. 

Wash and Wax the Exterior

The car detailing service will wash and wax the exterior of your car. This includes the windows, and they will also clean the tires and tire rims. A shiny car looks much better to a potential buyer. This can even make your car look newer than it is.

Putting wax on the car is important as this provides a protective coating. This will keep the car cleaner longer and protect it from the sun, flying debris, etc. Tell the buyer the car has been cleaned and waxed as this is a good selling point. Even the tires will shine and the rims so they will look new when the car detailing service is finished. They will even clean the undercarriage so if the potential buyer inspects your car closely, they will see it is even clean in this area. 

Clean Interior 

Carpeting can take a beating in a car especially if the car has been used a lot. The car detailing service can clean the carpeting to make it look new. In most cases, they can get out all stains. If there are stains, they cannot get off completely they will be much less noticeable. Along with the carpeting, they will clean upholstery seats and even the ceiling on the car. If you have leather seats these will be cleaned and conditioned to make the leather look new. 

They will first use a vacuum to clean the interior surfaces, and this will also remove dust and dirt that may be trapped in small areas. They use compressed air to get to small areas that are hard to vacuum. They use cleaners and special brushes to wipe away dirt and debris on vinyl surfaces and doors. 

To clean the carpet the car detailing service will likely use a hot water extractor. For stains, they are having a hard time removing they will first use shampoo and water to scrub the stain before they use the hot water extractor equipment. 

The car detailing service that you hire can give you much more information on what they can do for you.