2 Things That Get Checked At Vehicle Inspections

Posted on: 17 December 2019

Some states have laws that say that your car must be inspected yearly. The people doing the inspection take a good look at your car and make sure that everything comes up to certain standards. Meeting those standards will make sure that the cars out on the road are safe, which keeps other drivers safe. If you have just moved into a state that has inspection laws, you may need to get your car inspected before you can get it licensed in that state. You can generally take your car to a dealership or mechanics for them to do the inspection. Usually, you will have to pay a small fee in order to get your car inspected. So, what are some of the things that they are going to look at when they look at your car? 


One of the first things they are going to look at is your brake system. They are going to want to make sure that your car will stop when you hit the brake pedal. That means that the person doing your inspection is going to look at a lot of things concerning your brakes. They are going to check to make sure that your pads and drums have an adequate amount of coating on them. It's that coating that allows your brakes to work. If there is too little of it, then your car will fail the inspection. If it's starting to wear down but you still have an adequate amount, then the inspector will just mark it down on their list and warn you that you will need to get your brakes replaced or repaired before the next inspection. They are also going to make sure that your brake lights come on when you hit the brakes because no one wants to get hit. 


Your tires are also going to be thoroughly checked over. The inspector is going to make sure that you have enough tread on them. The tread lets the tire grip onto the road, which keeps your car on the road and lets you steer. As your tread wears away, you are left with slick tires that won't do their job well. So, they will check to see the tread depth on your tires. They will also check to see if there are any worn spots along the sidewalls that could break. 

If you have just moved into a state that has vehicle inspection laws, you are going to need to make sure that you get your car inspected so that you are going to be able to get its tags. Look for a vehicle inspection service to learn more.