3 Important Things To Consider Before Your Next Car Wash

Posted on: 23 April 2018

Do you currently have or are thinking about purchasing your own vehicle? Have you ever given much thought to keeping your vehicle clean? If you're like most people, you probably haven't given much thought to automatic car washes. Your car gets dirty, you have your car washed, your car is clean once again. But while you may not have been giving much thought to the car wash process, not all car washes are identical. There are differences between different car washes that may make you more or less interested in a particular wash method or location. Some things that you should be thinking about include:

Brush type: A newer facility is most likely going to have cloth brushes in use. This type of brush is gentle and is going to be safe for your vehicle and your paint. On the other hand, a car wash may have an older automatic car wash facility that still has abrasive non-cloth bristle-type brushes in use. This type of brush, as you might imagine, can create micro-scratches in your paint that can worsen over time. Instead of using these facilities, either request that the car wash company replaces the potentially-damaging brushes or visit a facility that doesn't use them at all.

Touchless vs. brush: Another option when it comes to cleaning your vehicle is a so-called "touchless" car wash. Instead of using any type of brush, the car wash will use high-powered jets of water and detergents to get your vehicle as clean as possible. While this is arguably safer than any type of brush, cloth or otherwise, some people may feel that it doesn't get the vehicle quite as clean as it gets in a non-touchless car wash. Since this can vary depending on water hardness, the amount of jets in place, and the type of detergent that gets used, you may want to consider alternating between a car wash company that uses brushes and one that is touchless for the best combination of paint safety and efficiency.

Environmental factors: Instead of taking your vehicle to an actual car wash facility, perhaps you're considering simply washing your vehicle by hand so that you are better able to control the process. Although washing and waxing by hand can sometimes lead to a better-looking wax at the end, you may be hurting the environment when you do so. At an automatic car wash, the car wash company should be filtering, and may sometimes be recycling, the water that is used to wash your car. This means that the grease, detergent, dirt, etc. are captured before they're able to pollute the local water system, unlike what happens when you wash your vehicle by hand in your own driveway.