Should You Wash Your Car By Hand, Or Go To A Drive-Through Carwash

Posted on: 28 December 2016

Many people like the convenience of an automated car wash. Many others like the thorough cleaning that can come from manually handwashing their cars. You may have a preference, but which one is the better choice?

Handwashing Your Car

Cleaning your own car by hand can give you a nice sense of accomplishment when you're done. It can also give you a far superior clean than other car washing methods. However, a lot of what makes a hand-wash superior has to do with your own skill. For example, properly washing a car depends on

  • the age of the car,
  • the type of car,
  • the type of paint job,
  • the tools you have available,
  • the technique you use,
  • and various other factors.

Handwashing isn't a quick process. Depending on how you go about washing your car, it can take hours. It's also an ongoing process. You shouldn't wait until there's a buildup of dirt before you wash your car. You should wash your car weekly or semi-weekly. Between washes, you should take care of any stains or debris that show up immediately.

Using a coin-operated hand wash service can help. You won't have to use your own water, and all the tools you need for cleaning the car are provided for you. The provided tools can help you save a lot of time when washing your car.

Using Drive-Through Car Washes

Automated car washes offer you the most convenience when it comes to a quick car wash. Some of these systems use jets of water and other cleaning solutions to clean your car without actually touching it.

In addition, automated washes can come with extras that you can't always provide for yourself with a hand wash. These can include undercarriage cleaning, rustproofing, a coat of wax, and tire cleaning. If you do go through the automated wash, make sure you pay attention to all posted disclaimers, notifications, and rules. 

The Best of Both Worlds

In both cases, your own knowledge of your vehicle, and the washing process, can make one method work better for you over the other. You can also take a third option, and have a professional car wash and detail service do the work for you.

A professional service can give you a custom wash geared towards your specific vehicle. A service can give you the best of both worlds by making the process convenient, as well as thorough.