Full Service, Half Service, And A La Carte Car Detail Work: What Services Are Usually Included In Each Type

Posted on: 18 December 2015

Taking good care of your vehicle extends its life. Part of the regular maintenance for your vehicle includes car washes and detailing. Car detail work helps prevent rust on the outside and cracking and peeling on your car's interior materials. If you have never taken a car into a car wash/auto detailing shop, you may be unaware of all of the different services involved. Here are some common services you might be interested in.

Full Service

Full service involves cleaning, washing, and wiping down your vehicle, inside and out. A full service auto detail package almost always includes vacuuming of the entire interior. If you want full service, you may want to clear everything out of your vehicle beforehand. Auto detailers tend to clear out and throw out anything left on the floors unless you request that they keep certain items or ask that they leave everything on the floor of your car alone. However, you can check out a place like http://www.deluxedetailandtint.com to see how services are specifically conducted.

Full services can also include the following:

  • The windows are washed
  • The dashboard is dusted
  • Vinyl is wiped down and moisturized
  • Chrome is washed and polished
  • The exterior of your car is washed and dried
  • Wax/simonize is applied to the whole body of your car.

"Half" or Partial Service

"Half" or partial service is half of the usual car detail work provided by the full service package. You can choose to have either the exterior or the interior of your vehicle cleaned, but often customers choose the car wash to clean and clear away road salt, dirty rain water, and mud.

If you choose the partial service package for your vehicle's interior, it usually includes things like

  • Vacuuming
  • Clearing away of trash
  • Dusting and cleaning of the dashboard
  • Emptying of ash trays
  • Adding deodorizer/ air freshener

If you want a little more than a half/ partial service but less than full service detail for your vehicle, you can also request "a la carte" service.

A La Carte Detail Service

Some auto detailers offer and additional service option known as "a la carte." This option allows you to choose and design your own package of services so that you only get exactly the services you want--nothing more and nothing less. It is often more costly because single service items from the list of services are priced higher than if you bought a package deal of the same services. However, if you only wanted a car wash or just wanted to clear out your vehicle and vacuum it clean, then a la carte is the perfect option for your needs.